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Book your cab through an iPhone app

February 6th, 2010 · 4 Comments

One thing I like about Singapore is the convenience of almost anything including calling a cab.

There are 2 companies that are on my contact list to call whenever I need a cab especially when I can’t afford to wait during peak hours.  These are SMRT 6555888 and Comfort Delgro 65521111.  Comfort Delgro have newer model cars like the Sonata but it’s sometimes difficult to call for a cab during peak hours especially if you’re in the city.  SMRT, on the other hand, have older cars and maybe it’s because of this fact that it’s easier to call a cab from them during peak hours.  Both companies also allow booking by SMS.

Comfort Delgro also have an automated booking hotline whereas SMRT still uses operators.  A few days ago, Comfort Delgro made it even easier for iPhone users to book a cab by introducing its Taxi booking application that’s downloadable free from iTunes.  Similar to its automated booking service via phone, it allows you to retrieve your last three bookings by logging on to the app.  The user can then confirm his/her booking status through the app or through an SMS confirmation.

Here are sample screenshots of the app:

Image Source:

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