Cost of Living Survey for 2008

I’ve been tracking Singapore’s rank (versus Manila’s) in the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey done by Mercer since the start of this blog.

In 2006,  Singapore ranked 17th in the world in the list of most expensive cities to live in, while Manila ranked 141st.

In 2007, Singapore ranked 14th, while Manila ranked 137th.

Now for 2008, the latest survey has Singapore on 13th place (4th in Asia), while Manila is up 27 places to 110th (mainly as a result of price increases for international-standard accommodation).

What does this mean for Pinoys?  Well I’m no economist, but I know for a fact the most Filipinos when abroad convert everything back to Pesos.  The rankings basically just tells us not to be surprised when the cost of renting a small little HDB unit is twice as much (maybe more) as renting a house in Manila.

Although the site does not recommend expats to use these figures to compare with their compensation package, it should give you a pretty rough idea how much more expensive a city is compared to another, and therefore how much more money you will need to survive.

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